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The owner-design supervisors of the general contractor for Auckland Bay Bridge in San Francisco in the US came to our company for exploitation and exchange

Release Time:2013-11-22
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On March 2, 2008, the owner-design supervisors of the general contractor for Auckland Bay Bridge in San Francisco in the US, 8 people in total, came to our company for exploitation and exchange for the plan of Bay Bridge’s main cable strands and erection construction technology.

The US’s new Auckland Bay Bridge locates at Auckland Bay in West Coast of US, and it is the main construction in the Bay Bridge’ expansion project between San Francisco to Auckland. The design plan is decide by the local residents through voting, and the implementation of the project is supported by Mr. Schwarzenegger, the governor of California. This bridge is a self-anchored suspension bridge which has the biggest span and is invested in 1.43 billion dollars. At present, the bridge has been commenced, and it will be completed in 2012. After the completion, this bridge will replace the original busiest bay bridge in US. Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd has win the bid of chief bearing component in the bridge’s superstructure—main rope of suspension cable, and the company is responsible for processing and manufacturing the prefabricated PPWS main cable strands. The main cables of upstream and downstream have been connected and are constructed as single cable “8” shape. The main cable strands need to manufacture pre-springing section and the production method is original and the erection is difficult.

After the US guests finish their exploitation and exchange at the Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd, with the escort of general manger Chen Jie, they will take a field visit to Baling River Bridge which is under construction at Baling River Gorge for exploitation and exchange. Baling River Bridge is a large span steel truss stiffening girders suspension bridge construction site which ranks first in the country and seventh in the world. The American guests have being warmly receipted by the headquarters of the two bridges and two construction project management teams of Guizhou Province Bridge Engineering Corporation and the Second Harbor Engineering Company. American guests listen to the presentation of the bridge construction situation, and take the elevator to the top of the cable bent tower at the east coast to visit the largest tunnel anchor in the world at the west coast and the patented technology of Pujiang Cable company-the entire process of horizontal cable, and they inquire many details about the construction.

Baling River Bridge crossing Baling River Gorge, whose main span is 1088m, is the largest suspension bridge of steel stiffening truss girder. the total length of bridge is 1564m, eastern tower is 186m high, western tower is 201m, the strait is steep and terrain is rugged, the depth of the valley ranges from 400 to 600m; this bridge is consist of two main cables which respectively are about 1719m in length, 11007 ton in weight with interval of 28m and are designed as the stress structure of suspension steel stiffening truss girder; prefabricated parallel wire strands (PPWS) will be provided by our company.

The erection technology of main cable used in Baling River Bridge adopts horizontal erection technology and its matching erection facility. This technology can succeed avoiding the Hula-hoop effect which is inevitable in the coiled erection technology; the strands’ packing is changed, which can reduce large space that is occupied by unnecessary packaging to save large space for transportation and storage. The erection technology of main cable is successful applied in the longest suspension bridge’s main cable (the fourth bridge of Zhoushan Islands-to-Mainland Linking Project—Xihoumen Bridge) in the country.

American guests are quite satisfied with our advanced technologies and earnest and insistent spirits for the construction through the exploitation and exchange.