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The biggest bridge in the world-another demonstration of Hangzhou Bay bridge’s open to traffic

Release Time:2013-11-22
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The biggest bridge in the world-Hangzhou Bay Bridge is open to traffic on May 1, 2008, the north fairway of the Bay Bridge is five span continuous semi-floating system steel box girder which uses six stay cables manufactured by Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd, they are ¢7×109、¢7×151、¢7×163、¢7×187、¢7×199.

Due to the bridge is in a highly corrosive environment, to ensure the bridge’s service life, durability requirement which require the service life is over 100years is first explicitly put forward, and the corresponding engineering technology measures are also brought up, which has a harsher requirement on manufacturing the stay cable. Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd led its employees to overcome the difficulties one by one, and organized its employees to complete the stay cable’s manufacturing task with good quality and quantity.

Constructing the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a pioneering work and construction wonder in the history of building bridge, and it’s just like “A bridge will fly to span the north and south, turning a deep chasm into a thoroughfare”. The stay cable hung over the bridge creates beautiful sea scenery, displays the great accomplishment of the Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd.