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Signing contract of cable-membrane structure’s cable manufacturing project of the Sun Valley in Shanghai Expo Axis

Release Time:2013-11-22
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Expo Axis project is the main engineering project of the 2010 Shanghai world expo. Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co,. Ltd. has succeeded in the fierce competition with numerous manufacturers participating by its strong technical strength, and signed the project contract with the main contractor on Nov. 14, 2008.

Expo Axis project is divided into two layers underground and two layers overground and is a semi-open architecture which is a synthesis of large scale business and traffic which is equipped of multiple functions, such as commercial service, catering, recreation and convention and exhibition service. Expo Axis project is the largest individual project in the Expo garden and is constructed by Shanghai World Expo Land Holding Co., Ltd. The project locates in the heartland of Pudong Expo garden, about 1000m in total length and 110m in width, and the project is commenced on December 28, 2006 and is planned to be completed by the end of 2009.

During the World Expo, Expo Axis is the main axis for spatial landscape and stream of traffic in the Expo garden; it will become the main axis for urban spatial landscape and city traffic after the Expo. The Expo Axis will build roof and Sun Valley on the platform which is 10m higher than it. The maglev Expo station is moved to the Expo Axis on the south of South Circular Road. Build a station at 10m higher above the Expo Axis where the maglev train crosses it. Build station halls under the station platform on both sides of the Expo Axis and the hall is connected to the platform which is 10m higher the Expo Axis, and people can transfer to 7 and 8 line through platform that is 6m lower than the Expo Axis. The maglev station passes through the Expo Axis’ glass roof. The Expo Axis’ glass roof and station roof is connected as one.

Around the Expo Axis, there are four large pavilions, they are: China Pavilion, performing arts center, Theme Pavilion and Expo center.

Main engineering quantities of the Sun Valley project in the Expo Axis:

There are 12 cable structures for the Sun Valley project in Expo Axis, and the largest cable structure: φ7.0×409, breaking load is 27860kN; and among the architectural structure’s cable in the country, it has extremely high technology requirement and is difficult to production, so it can be said as “no.1 in China”; there are 817 cables in total.

The delivery date of the engineering project: January 2009.